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God has already planned out every detail of your life right down to the very second. Think about our solar system, the way it rotates. Scientists tell us that every year it’s exactly on time down to the millisecond, day after day, year after year. Hundreds of years from now if the Lord tarries, it will still be precise. That’s because our God is not an approximate God. He is an exact God, a detailed God, a precise God. He has planned out your life not just to the years or the months or the days, but down to the very second. In your future, He has marked moments where time and eternity are going to come together, and you will be at the right place and get the break you need.
Scripture says that before you were born, God knew you. He knew every one of your days before they ever took shape. Trust Him and stay in peace because your days are ordained by the Lord.


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Wooden Pier by (The Hamster Factor)